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Low-level order picker with 2500 kg load capacity


Low-level order picker with 2500 kg load capacity

The OPL25N order picker combines unsurpassed power and innovation and is ideally suited for logistics warehouse operations. The lifting platform option provides a working height of up to 2850 mm.

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OPL25N - Low-level order picker with 2500 kg load capacity OPL25N
Low-level order picker with 2500 kg load capacity

Weight : 968 kg
Bar code : 3700664807201
Catalogue P.140

  • The OPL25N order picker combines unsurpassed operator comfort, maximum production, and excellent ergonomics
  • The low-level order picker is ideally suited for logistics warehouse operations
  • The order picker has a load capacity of 2500 kg, and its lifting platform can elevate the operator safely up to a working height of 2850 mm
  • The Schabmüller AC motor provides high power while the Zapi controller provides optimized and customizable configuration. In addition, its state-of-the-art electric power steering makes it extremely comfortable to operate
  • Its intelligent slowdown function recognizes when the pallet truck is turning and intelligently reduces the truck's speed. It also switches on the daytime running light system for additional safety
  • Rema's ergonomic handle ensures a reliable control system. Each button is accessible and easy to use for superior comfort while driving
  • The multi-functional control panel can display the equipment's operational status, operating time, battery status, driving speed, and steering angle
  • The access control system allows setting multiple passwords to start the device by PIN code or by RFID card reader
  • The dual USB charging port can power up other devices
  • The order picker has an intelligent design and it's easy to maintain
  • Various extension supports can be adapted, such as barcode scanners, device holders, storage trays, etc.
  • A large rubber protection bumper comes standard
  • The upper fastening nut enables easy adjustment of the stabilizer wheel
  • The order picker is equipped with forward/reverse and up/down buttons on both sides
  • The operator does not need to get on and off the platform to operate the truck. It improves picking efficiency and operational safety
  • Safety flanks and non-slip surface materials on both sides of the backrest improves the operator's comfort and safety and reduce fatigue
  • The automatic daytime running light system enhances the safety of the operators significantly
  • The order picker includes many storage spaces to optimize work
  • High-end components minimize maintenance costs and guarantee high performance and reliability when performing the most intense operations
  • Download the product specifications for further technical information and our complete commercial brochure


  • The lifting platform of the OPL25N is the ideal tool to increase productivity, comfort, and safety during storage and picking operations. The storage platform can reach up to 2850 mm thanks to the lifting platform, which elevates up to 850 mm high
  • "Hands-free" function is also available in option. It enables the user to lower the platform with a simple double push on the foot pedal
  • The lifting platform can also be equipped with a storage/picking tray
  • Lithium-ion battery available in option


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